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The church of Christ in South Holland is a New Testament church that follows the more excellent Way of God.

We Are Not A Denomination. For this reason, we are not interested in man-made creeds, but simply in the New Testament pattern. We do not conceive of ourselves as being a denomination --nor as Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish -- but simply as members of the church which Jesus established and for which he died.

And that, incidentally, is why we wear his name. The term "church of Christ" is not used as a denominational designation, but rather as a descriptive term indicating that the church belongs to Christ. We recognize our own personal shortcomings and weaknesses--and this is all the more reason for wanting to carefully follow the all-sufficient and perfect plan God has for the church.



What are you doing this Sunday? We invite you to worship the Lord with us.

If you can't make it to church this Sunday, you may watch this message of hope and inspiration. It was given to the church of Christ in South Holland on Sunday, August 21, 2022.


The Lord loves you

God is always within your reach!

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Aug 25, 2022
The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God

Psalm 19 is one of the Psalms which have been set to music. “The heavens declare the glory of God, and...



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